Class 1A Safety Instruction Center Ltd. O/A Class 1A Truck Driver Training

Credit Card Authorization Form

If you choose to book a program with us, please use the CC authorization form above for the $1500 deposit, or feel free to contact us if you have any concerns. We will contact you to confirm booking dates and costs or feel free to contact us for this information prior to deposit. Thank you.

Student Requirements and Conditions

  1. Your booking date is stated at the bottom of this form.
  2. There is a required deposit of $1500 per student.
  3. You are responsible for obtaining your medical and learner's license prior to course start date and have in your possession throughout the training program. If there is a problem obtaining this please contact the office. Failure to possess may result in you not being able to drive.
  4. Balance of first week must be paid on the first day of training or in accordance with Schedule B.
  5. Class 1A is not responsible for any injuries sustained while training in trucks, building, or surrounding property.
  6. You are responsible for choosing the course that is best suited to your qualifications and skill levels. This is extremely important and relevant to the success of your training program. Thus we offer several different programs for your abilities.
  7. Training hours may vary from day to day; equipment failures and weather conditions are just some of the reasons. Efforts will be made to adjust for lost time.
  8. Please read carefully to ensure you choose the right program for yourself and your abilities.

Current knowledge of traffic rules and regulations is a must.

We cannot read your mind nor predict your outcome; this is adult education and requires dedication, coordination, and skill to complete programs successfully. We do not provide miracles. You are responsible for your learning.